10 Unpopular Opinions About Stanley Kubrick’s Movies, According To Reddit

Stanley Kubrick was a filmmaker with a vision and films, such as 2001: space flightAnd Gloss, And orange orange It cemented him as one of the greatest directors in Hollywood history. But there are a few Redditors who haven’t swooned over his meticulous and perfect movie making.

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Kubrick often kept audiences at arm’s length, as it’s hard for viewers to connect to a sterile, perfect movie. This has resulted in a lot of unpopular opinions emerging about the director, whether his films are without charm or he is too pretentious. And because he’s also known for his hard working and treating his cast and crew terribly, that didn’t exactly help Redditors deal with the controversial director.

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Dr. Strangelove is no good

Dr. Strangelove holds a cigarette at Dr. Strangelove.  Strangelove 1964

Interestingly, Dr. Strangelove It is one of Kubrick’s most experimental films, as comedy was a genre largely unexplored by the director. And while many praise war satire as a classic, not everyone believes the same. Brax611 thinks the 1964 movie “was boring and unfunny.”

It’s understandable to see why some people might think the movie isn’t that funny, because the comedy still takes this complex, comb-over approach, and everything falls into place exactly right with no room for error. Typically Kubrick’s technique will not work for comics. However, Peter Sellers has never been more attractive in a movie, and is one of the greatest examples of an actor playing multiple characters. Not to mention there are a lot of distinctive fonts.

2001: Childish Space Epic

When it comes to movies that were ahead of their time, 2001: space flight is a great example. There are even science fiction movies released today that are not on the same scale as a movie released over 50 years ago. And if it isn’t celebrated enough, it’s one of Martin Scorsese’s all-time favorite movies.

However, despite its practical implications for the development of the industry over the years, Hairyyams believes the film is childish. The Redditor refers to plot rather than technical aspects, complaining about “It’s like you took the 1970’s and put it in space.” What they mean is that none of the technologies in the movie seem so advanced that they would allow the characters to teleport between planets.

Shelley Duvall did better than Jack Nicholson in The Shining

Wendy holds the knife in The Shining

It must have been very difficult to capitalize on the level of psychotic behavior that Jack Nicholson portrays with Jack Torrance, but he did, and at times, it’s all too easy to forget that he’s actually Nicholson on screen. His partner, Shelley Duvall, doesn’t get the same level of acclaim as him, and her performance in Gloss He was not well known. Sadly, she was even nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Actress. However, Triciamilitia believes she “was better than Jack and did layers.”

But the Redditor also points out that Duvall was terribly abused by Kubrick, who tended to treat his actors horribly. And if he had stopped insulting her and seemed to be trying to make her break down, he probably would have gotten a better performance out of her. However, Wendy is still Kubrick’s strongest female character.

Kubrick is the most exaggerated manager

Nicole Kidman with closed eyes

Many names are often brought up when discussing who is the greatest filmmaker of all time, be it Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock or Quentin Tarantino. But one of the names that gets mentioned the most is Kubrick, and one Redditor thinks it’s not being given enough.

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The Redditor posits that “good films should be entertaining and touch your soul and mind. A trait that I simply cannot find in Mr. Kubrick’s films.” And when some of his films are deliberately cold and lack the heart, such as orange orangeHe has a lot of entertaining and soulful movies. closed eyes It is about a couple trying to reconcile their relationship while still being a deep, thought-provoking film that is still debated to this day.

Pauline Kyle’s negative review of the watch’s mechanical orange is there right away

Alex is in the hospital at the end of the clockwork.

The deleted Redditor notes that Pauline Kael, once one of the most respected film critics, was right with one of her most unpopular reviews. In Kael’s review of orange orange, basically explains that the violence in the movie wasn’t entirely necessary, and can be summed up when she wrote, “Kubrick is determined to be porn, and he has no talent for it.”

The user seems to be more than comfortable with anything like Kubrick telling them what they don’t want to hear. And Alex is a totally unwanted hero, but no one watching the movie feels any sympathy for him, no one meant to. It’s all about greed and over-indulgence in search of pleasure, and it’s essential to see how disgusting and violent the main character is. Otherwise, there will be no context or reason for the following events.

Kubrick movies are not charming

The War Room of Doctor Strangelove

ReggieLeBeau believes that the director’s films are not only soulless, but completely lacking in charm. They argue that magic is “essential to films in general,” and that they cannot relate to a movie without it.

But Kubrick never intended to make a glamorous movie, and wanted to challenge audiences by subverting expectations and making them think for themselves. His films are explorations into the human psyche, whether they attempt to understand whether violent men can (and should) undergo forced psychological rehabilitation, or the effects of war on a person.

Eyes closed wide is a bad movie

Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise

closed eyes It was the last film Kubrick directed before his death, and the film was released posthumously. It is for this reason that Luenderson believes that “everyone is defending this film as honoring Kubrick’s legacy rather than his merits”.

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But just like all of Kubrick’s films, viewers won’t get any pleasure from the movie if they take it all at face value. The movie should almost be decoded, and part of the fun is discussing what closed eyes It really relates, whether it’s the Illuminati or child abduction or social status.

Everything Kubrick did was great except for Barry Lyndon

Mrs. Lyndon holds her baby in Barry Lyndon

anyway Barry Lyndon It is generally considered one of Kubrick’s weakest films, and is still highly acclaimed. But Tomhyde098 was dumbfounded by the 1975 drama, stating, “I’ve always thought about it Barry Lyndon as a wedding cake. It’s nice to look at but it tastes awful.”

Redditor makes a great point, that everything about it, be it websites or fashion design, is beautiful. However, it is still a fascinating betrayal tale, as it follows an 18th century Irish man who marries a fortune and becomes an aristocrat. But being more than three hours, it requires a little patience.

Kubrick movies are disturbing and subjective

The Star Child at the end of 2001 A Space Odyssey

9291 The director is not as highly respected as other cinema-goers, and they believe his disturbing and ambitious films will be Kubrick’s legacy. The Redditor claims that Kubrick sits with a group of “directors who draw a lot of attention to their own styles like Abrams, Nolan, and Tarantino.”

But while they may pay a lot of attention to their own styles, that’s what makes these directors, including Kubrick, such visionaries, because so few other filmmakers are as accurate as they are. And if anything, Kubrick isn’t sitting with these directors, as he’s the only one of the bunch of filmmakers mentioned by the Redditor who’s made films of many different genres. Kubrick has made a horror film, a comedy, a science fiction flick, a couple of war epics, and a drama film, while other directors generally stick to one or two genres.

A Clockwork Orange is Kubrick’s only great movie

Entirely on the other side of the spectrum for the infamous Kael review, Mmmmr1 ​​doesn’t just think orange orange Awesome, but it’s Kubrick’s only great movie. Reddit user claims that “if orange orange It didn’t exist then Paths of Glory, The Shining, 2001, d. Stringlove, everyone can compete as his greatest work.

But the stats don’t lie, and meanwhile orange orange One of his best, it shares the same average IMDb score of 8.3 with 2001. And she even got a lower score than both Dr. Strangelove And Gloss, which combined to get 8.4.

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