30 Questions To Ask When Buying A House

Questions When Buying A House
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Buying a house is not something you rush into achieving. Most people do not sit down to analyze what they want before rushing to buy a house.

It will make more sense if you are to be careful about purchasing a house as it will probably be one of your most significant investments.

This article answers 30 questions when buying a house, especially for first-time buyers. 

Most people do not ask questions when buying a house, making the wrong choice. This article will answer some of the essential questions you may have in mind to ask to assist you in the quest to buy a good house.

Keep These 30 Questions To Ask When Buying A House in Mind

Purchasing a house is very exciting, but do not forget to ask helpful questions. This article consists of a list of questions you can ask on your quest to buy a house, especially for first time home buyers.

1.What Is My Budget?

Putting into consideration your budget is crucial. How much do I have before you commence your quest to buy a house?

Have a clear view of what you can afford. Then, ask yourself if you can meet the other expenses of buying a house, like taxes and home maintenance.

These extra expenses are something that most first time buyers forget to put into a book.

Other costs come when buying a house, and it will be easy for you if you ask yourself questions about your budget before embarking on your quest.  

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2. Why Is The First Owner Leaving?

It is necessary to ask the initial owners of the house why they are selling the property. You can find your way around why the house is being sold, and you can ascertain how eager they are to sell the house.

This will, in turn, give you an idea of how to negotiate the price of the house. If the reason for relocating is unfavourable, you will have to consider another option.

3. How Long Has The House Been On The Market?

Most times, it is possible that the price of the house could be high and, as such, remind in the market without any buyer.

Ask questions like how long have the house stayed on the market and what could be the factor behind it.

If the house price has been lowered severally, you can use this as an advantage in getting the house, as the seller will be eager to sell the house at a lower price. 

4. How Many Owners Have There Been?

It is essential to ask how many owners have lived on the property. Please find out about the property’s history as it will positively affect your final decision in buying the house.

If a property is frequently changed, it is necessary to find out and ask questions about why it is frequently changed. 

5. How Is The Neighbourhood?

Some neighbourhoods have rules and regulations guiding them, and they expect people around them to follow those rules.

Therefore, you have to ask if there are any rules in the area you choose because this will help you determine if you can meet the standard there.

You can also do research online to verify the area properly. 

6. What Are The Neighbours Like ?

You may want to ask questions like how your next-door neighbours relate and if they are friendly or not.

You can also talk to some people living in the neighbourhood to get more information about the area you intend to buy a property.

For example, ask if some neighbours stay up all night and make so much noise and ask about the area’s crime rate if the neighbours are indirectly involved. 

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7. How Much Are Utility Bills In The Area?

Monthly utility fees are inevitable as you will have to pay as a new homeowner. If you have an idea of what the charge is, you can be able to save for it or maybe look for another area where you can comfortably pay for expenses.

Make sure to ask about these extra charges and how it ranges. 

8. What Is Included In The Sale?

It is necessary to know what the seller will be leaving with while evacuating the property.

Whatever the seller leaves behind will be added to the price of the house, so you must ask questions. When the initial owner of the property leaves, you can check out what is left behind. 

9. What Is The Parking Like 

When you intend to buy a house, consider the parking space. Ask questions like whether the space for parking will occupy the number of cars you have or intend to purchase.

You can go as far as visiting the house in your free time to see what the crowd in the area looks like when cars are parked.

10. What Would Your Commute Look Like?

Sometimes, it is possible that you may travel from work and may want to have a quick stop at home only to find out that you have spent all the time on the road.

First, check to see that the distance from home is not so far and you can deal with it. You can find out about this by visiting the house after work and checking the time it took you to get there. 

11. How Long Have To Roof Lasted?

This is an important question you should not skip in your quest to buy a house. Roofs are supposed to last for about 30 years, depending on the weather.

So ask how long the top of the house you intend to buy has lasted to save you the expenses of spending thousands of pounds roofing the house after you must have purchased the property.

Also, you can ask the sellers the last time the house’s roof was changed. 

12. How Much Have The Neighbourhood Houses Sold?

This question is your best when buying a house at a lower rate. You can inquire from the new neighbours how much they bought their house from the sellers.

The answer to this will give you an idea of what you should expect to pay.

If the house price is provided to you by the actual owners, you can use the information obtained from your inquiries to negotiate. 

13. How Are The Schools In The Area?

If you are a first time home buyer and you have kids, one crucial question you should ask is how the schools in the area function.

So you have to do your research on the type of schools around the area and how they function. Your utmost priority should be that your kids attend the best schools to better their future.  

14. How Long Have The Appliances Lasted? 

Appliances like air conditioning, heater, gas and lots more are meant to last for years. If you must make enquiries about these appliances and how long they have endured.

This will save you the stress and expenses of changing them immediately after moving into the property. Dim it necessary to inspect the whole appliances in the house. 

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15. Are There Any Water-Related Problems?

There are some things to consider when it comes to the water factor. First, ask if there are any water issues in the house.

If you are acquainted with the initial history of the house, you can get your mind prepared if you decide to stay in the place. 

16. What Is The Status Of Your Credit Score?

Ask about your credit score, as you may not be granted a mortgage with a low credit score.

In addition, a credit score tells your lenders how faithful you are regarding loans. This is to say that the better you keep a good credit score, the higher your chances of getting a mortgage to buy a house. 

17. What Bank Should I Work With? 

It is best to do good research on the bank that will likely give you a mortgage. Check out banks with their different interest rates.

This is very important as it will tell your stand on getting a mortgage. 

18. What Repairs Have Been Done? 

Get home inspectors to check for the repairs that have been done in the house and how long it has lasted. Also, enquire from the home seller about the damages that have been repaired. This will save you the stress and more expenses of fixing other damages done by the initial owners of the house. 

19. Are There Good Local Amenities? 

Look out for social amenities when looking to buy your first home. Most people don’t just look at the physical building but also the local amenities. Are there swimming pools or sit-outs in the area? Are there any means of entertainment? In a nutshell, choose what works for you. 

20. Are There Any Health Or Safety Hazards? 

Health and safety are paramount and should be your watchword when looking for a house.

Hazards like mould or radon can add massively to your loan, so it is best to make complete inquiries on damages done and what was done to fix them up. Also, ask for documentation to be on the safer side. 

21. How Much Storage Space Is Made Available?

You do not want to try filing up things and still need more space to fix up other things after you must have moved it.

So ask questions to ensure enough space to contain all your belongings. You do not want to go through the stress of forcing materials and equipment into small spaces. 

22. Is There Any Pet Damage?

Some house owners may have pets that will likely cause some damage. Ask the seller if there were any pets I the property, and if the answer is positive, you can inspect the house carefully as animal urine causes a kind of stain on the carpet.

The stains can cause you money to take them out for healthier purposes.

23. Which Direction Is The House Facing?

You can visit the house at different intervals and periods spending on the weather to know how the sun enters the house.

Although some people may think that there is no need to find out the directions of the house buy, it is vital as it will likely affect your utility bills. 

24. Are There Any Development Plans Scheduled For The Area?

This could be to your advantage or your disadvantage. Ask the estate agents if they will be any development in the area, such as the construction of trains, malls and many others.

It can be beautiful to have the sight of the attractive kinds of stuff in the place, but at the same time, houses in the area will increase drastically in price, and you may likely not be able to afford them. 

25. Does The Home Come With A Security System

You may be lucky to find out that the previous homeowners left a security system behind. This will help in protecting your properties—security passcode.

Ask the sellers if there are any security cameras in the house, as it will be to your advantage.    

26. Have You Been Pre-Approved For A Mortgage?

 Getting a mortgage is not easy as there are many challenges, so it is best you start early enough if you intend to buy a house with a mortgage.

Ensure you submit accurate information to the bank you have chosen to get your mortgage from. 

27. Will It Be Leasehold Or Freehold? 

Most houses are freehold, and as such, you own both the house and the land your house sits on.

This implies that you have to handle every damage to the house and the land. So it is necessary to make reasonable enquiries bout the property so that you do not purchase a home that you will not be able to maintain. 

28. How Soon Can You Move In? 

Most homeowners are not looking at moving out immediately, whereas some will want to move out immediately.

It depends on what you want at the moment. Ask questions on when the house owner will be moving out after you must have paid for the property. 

29. What Is The Minimum Offer They Will Accept?

Sometimes you should ask about the minimum offer of the house. This question works more when the house has been on the market for a long period.

Then, you can stand the chance of buying the house at a cheaper rate. But, of course, you must have known the current price of the house before implementing this. 

30. What is Your Favourite Part Of The House?

It may not be necessary to some people, but the honest ones will tell you their favourite part of the house.

There is always something special about a favourite room, and it will not be a bad idea for you to find out about it. Who knows, it may likely be your favourite part as well. 


It is all up to you to analyze all 30 questions to ask when buying a house and then implement them in deciding when you intend to buy a house. 

It is often a huge task when you want to buy a house, so you are expected to do more research and make the right choice. 

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