Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 1-18-22

Hey Tightwads! Ready for another batch of free movies? Well, they are ready for you… Asylum (1972), courtesy of Cinerama Releasing Corporation. asiblame Asylum is one of the greatest anthology films made by British company Amicus Productions in the early 1970s. The premise involves a young doctor arriving at a mental institution for a job … Read more

HOTEL POSEIDON-A Surreal Keep At A Unusual Resort

Poseidon Resort It opens with one extended shot of what we’ll finally know due to the shack’s foyer. It’s disgusting, disgusting, and a skin-crawl-inducing stimulus: random fish tanks filled with dirty water, electrical wires taped to duct tapes and knit next to partitions, and a historic espresso pitcher sitting untouched inside the nook. It perfectly … Read more

40th Anniversary ‘Halloween III’ Merchandise from Trick or Deal with Studios Embrace Retro Silver Shamrock Halloween Costumes!

There is a lot to understand about a few meager horror movies that ooze admiration for the way they maintain suspense or dread throughout without overstaying their welcome. This week’s streaming picks are dedicated to exactly this type of movie. An extraordinary horror movie that will have you pumping adrenaline in a short window, and … Read more

5 Snowy Horror Films with Sinister Intent

We were hit by a massive winter storm in the north, with a blizzard of snow that kept many of us stuck indoors. What a perfect time to put together, throw a scary movie, and try to forget the nightmare of shoveling all that snow! Of course, despite the infernal snow scene, we at least … Read more

10 Bloody Vampire Movies to Watch Whereas We Wait

How many times can one movie be delayed before we finish naming it? Sony certainly hopes we’ll all be with Morbius, even after moving the movie (again) to April 1, 2022. (If it’s an April idiot day joke, fans won’t be laughing.) But what can we do in the meantime once we’re all together Equipped … Read more