A Shot Through the Wall (2022)

bullet through the wall, 2022. Written and directed by Amy Long.Starring Kenny Liu, Ciara Renee, Tzi Ma, Fiona Foo, Dan Luria, Clifton Davis, Lin Chen, Derek Goh, Damien Young, Kelly Aucoin, Michelle Wilson, Dan Luria, and Catherine Curtin. Conclusion: The life of a Chinese American police officer unfolds after he accidentally shoots an innocent black … Read more

How Your Favorite Best Worst Movie Was Made

Take your spoons and your footballs, because you know we’re talking about it the room. We love the behind-the-scenes stories. In 2017, Disaster artist He took us through the wild ride that was the production process behind the worst movie ever madeā€”the room. But is that the whole story? It was released in 2003 in … Read more

The Last Thing Mary Saw (2022)

The last thing Marie saw, 2022 Written and directed by Eduardo Vitality.Starring Stephanie Scott, Isabel Foreman, Rory Culkin, Judith Roberts, Carolyn McCormick, Michael Lawrence, Shane Covey, Dawn McGee, Daniel Pierce, Tommy Buck, PJ Susco. Conclusion: Winter 1843. A young woman is under investigation following the mysterious death of the head of the family. Her recollection … Read more

13 Minutes (2021) – Movie Review

13 minutes, 2021. Directed by Lindsay Gosling.Starring Trace Adkins, Thora Birch, Peter Facinelli, Anne Heche, William Peltz, Amy Smart, Paz Vega, Yancey Arias, Tokala Black Elk, Davi Santos, Laura Spencer, Sofia Vassilieva, Allyson Cristofaro, Gabriel Jarret, James Austin Kerr, and Shaylee Mansfield. Conclusion: Four families in the town of Heartland are tested in one day … Read more