What Is Cryptocurrency Monero And How Does It Work

Cryptocurrency Monero
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When we talk about cryptocurrency, the first thing that hits our mind is bitcoin since it is very popular around nations. But there is a type of cryptocurrency known as Monero.

In this article, we will be answering the question “what is cryptocurrency Monero, and how does it work”.

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity. These virtual or digital currencies can be traded or traded using blockchain technology.

Many of them aim to promote privacy and anonymity, and whether they are achieving success is not expected.

Few of these currencies allow public viewing of all transactions, while others make privacy a choice. And yet, some keep the aspect of privacy open.

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What Is Monero?


Monero is a currency that gives users a high level of anonymity and their activities. Like Bitcoin, Monero is a cryptocurrency distributed to people around the globe, but unlike Bitcoin, Monero is seen as an anonymous or digital currency.

We say it is anonymous because it keeps transaction details, including all identity of the sender and the address unknown, by disguising all details used by the users or participants.

It also hides the number and amount of transactions. This cryptocurrency was purposely configured to be this way.

In line with the fact that Monero keeps transactions anonymous, the Monero mining process is based on the concept of equality. This is a principle that all people are equal and deserve equal opportunities.

Therefore, its developers did not save any part of the money when they launched Monero but kept the bank with donations and community support to develop a tangible currency.

How Does Cryptocurrency Monero Work 

Cryptocurrency Monero relies on two major concepts, which are stealth addresses and ring signatures. This policy was made to provide privacy and anonymity. 

Stealth Address

Stealth addresses are also known as private addresses, and they enable the sender to generate a one-time public address on behalf of the recipient in all transactions.

However, the recipient can still use the same public address to receive all of their payments, such as Bitcoin. Every Monero user will generate a private watch key and a private usage key.

The private watch key will allow them to see all transactions related to their account, while the secret use key is the same as the Bitcoin secret key used to authorize payments.

Ring Signature 

Ring signature is a concept derived from standard cryptography. It refers to a digital signature that can be signed by any member of a particular group of people with secret keys.

Whenever you do MXR work, your Monero wallet creates a ring for other users’ keys that we take out of the blockchain. It is impossible to say which key was used to sign for anyone viewing, making the function anonymous.

Monero transactions do not give the user sending a view of the receiver’s details even if the sender has the original address of the receiver.

Transactions done with Monero cryptocurrency are untraceable, and the link cannot be found, which makes it more anonymous.

Coins sent are sent through a random address created for that transaction and after which the address is changed to something else.  

Monero allows for transparency based on user perceptions. All users possess a “view key” to access the account with the corresponding private key.

The user may assign their viewing key to selected companies with limited restrictions such as access to view hold account but without the ability to use any funds stored in the account.

Selected companies include parents who may need watch keys to monitor their children’s activities and auditors that the user would like to give them access to check their assets and accounts.

Apart from the view key, all users also possess a key known as the “spend key” that allows only entities that the user shares the key with to transfer a limited amount of funds from the account.

If the user does not authorize you, you do not have access to the account. It also consists of characters and numbers. 

Monero is now very popular and famous. It is used mainly by users that want to purchase goods online with a hidden identity. However, some other users use it illegally in the underground market.

What Makes Monero Unique

Monero possesses the same features as bitcoin cryptocurrency, but there is a slight difference.

The unique thing about Monero is that their software is programmed to update their anonymity every six months. They also handle their updates quite differently and are very strict with it.

In 2018, Monero emerged as the first cryptocurrency to use bulletproofs, a technology that has significantly improved MXR efficiency, reduced at least 80% transaction rate size, and reduced MXR costs.

While many other privacy coins exist, Monero is probably the most popular and has the most significant market limit.

It also automatically offers privacy, unlike other alternatives like Zcash, which is a hand-in feature.

Monero Challenges 

Monero also has challenges, just like other cryptocurrencies. For example, the fact that they deal anonymously gives permits users to do things that are questionable in the market.

They use for disreputable purposes, including the purchase of drugs and gambling, which could be of disadvantage to cryptocurrency. 

CNBC reports the case of hackers building malicious software that infected computers to mine the Monero and ship it to North Korea.

Monero is open to use for illegal activities and to avoid law enforcement, as it remains out of control of the financial system without being tracked.

Monero has many legal use cases, but its connection to cybercrime is an obstacle to its regular use. For example, Monero is increasingly being used to pay for ransomware attacks.

This has led to it becoming less liquid than other cryptocurrencies because some exchanges have chosen not to support it for fear of attracting unwanted regulatory attention.

Buying Monero cryptocurrency is as easy as going to exchange or looking for a seller willing to release his goods.

You can also buy Monero with an automatic teller machine (ATM) enabled to receive cryptocurrency. Monero is just like other cryptocurrencies, but the uniqueness is in its anonymity.


Monero is an excellent cryptocurrency to trade with if you want to keep things in anonymity, maybe for security reasons. 

Before now, some people may not know what cryptocurrency Monero is and how it works. 

Hopefully, this article explains all there is to know about Monero and how it works. 

Do you have any opinions on what is Monero and how it works? If yes, please drop it below in the comment section, and we will be glad to update this post. 

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