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Take a trip to Hell and study everything you want to know.

When you thought 2021 was a year full of revenue for the fan-favorite franchise, 2022 would love that phrase. For now, we’re summarizing every damn factor we all know regarding the upcoming Hulu Hillrice Movie. As a result, all I keep in mind.

So, if you’ve been wanting to rise quickly in one of the most amazing and anticipated 12-month horror initiatives, we’ve got you covered now. Let’s take a quick walk into everything Dread Central is aware of at the moment regarding the upcoming Hellraiser remake from director David Bruckner (home at night).

We’ll overlay every little thing from pre-production technical assignments, throwing in rumors and flyers and even providing you with an insight into how the photoshoot looks like it’s entering Belgrade. so let’s go!


First issues first, let’s talk about the director because this guy has been curating a single résumé of himself over the past few years. Starting with the scary second of Netflix ritual, David Bruckner’s latest release home at night It can also be excellent. Everyone who saw home at night It could have a reason that Bruckner is a perfect fit for her presentation Hillrice Again for its dark and soft roots.

The new movie can also be written within the Clive Barker legacy collection by Hollywood hotshot David S. Goyer. This is the same man who wrote each one code And The Dark Knight. However, it is Brooker’s semi-newcomer that I personally am perhaps most excited about to take the reins of Hell.

Sitting down with SFX magazine back in August, Bruckner shared some vague updates on what we can expect from the upcoming movie. At the time, he referred to it as “one thing from a small reimagining” of the unique Clive Barker as well as his novel “The Hellbound Coronary heart”. We love to hear that he went back to the show after a few years of meandering.

Here is his full right Hillrice quotes:

However, it is something we are actively working towards, and it is a pleasure and a dream for a filmmaker like myself to dive into this world. All I will say is that we intendIng to be real as far as we are capable of unique materials. [Clive Barker’s original story] “Hellbound’s coronary heart” can also be a major source of inspiration, as well as the unique film. However, this is one thing from a small re-imagining that we are currently engaged in.”

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Courtesy of BOOM! studios

Casting Hellraiser

Early in 2011 bubble! studios I photographed a Pinhead/Hell Priest of their . girl Hillrice group, and the gender of the character is in no way specified in Cliff Barker’s “Hell Coronary Heart”. So it wasn’t any shocking after we found out that the producers were trying to boost a non-duo’s performance during the upcoming Hulu iteration.

Boundary Pushing Star RuPaul’s Drag Race The Gottmik star muzzled after they appeared in the thirteenth season finale as the highly feminine, totally imaginative, fully crystallized and visionary of Pinhead. And we weren’t matched again by any means. Looks like we weren’t alone! When is my next product Hillrice The film noticed Gottmik’s footage at the Pinhead eleganza, and they immediately pointed out that he was in audition. To play Pinhead!

Drag star Gottmik explains in a unique interview with Leisure Weekly:

After they noticed my Hillrice [look]Give me the test for Pinhead. I did [go on tape]! However I wasn’t threatening enough! I needed to learn a set, I used to be in my house, towards the wall, trying to be Pinhead, pretending to pull the needles out of my head, simply miss! It was so funny! – I needed to be Pinhead bigger than something in my soul, however, besides that, I’m a fan, I got it! I mean, at least let me roll on the carpet with that look! I will make a brand new one! I simply need to be there. I’ll simply be in the background for Pinhead’s next!

While Gottmik unfortunately did not land Pinhead, another non-binary actor has triumphed!

Jimmy Clayton (L phrase: Q . era) THR reported that she will play Pinhead during the upcoming 2022 reboot in the latter half of 2022. It was around the same time that we got word that filming had wrapped up in Belgrade.

If the gender-switched Pinhead seems unusual to you, try the unique novel coronary heart hell. In Cliff Barker’s story, the High Priest of Hell is in no way described as being explicitly mentioned. boom! studios The comic books (pictured above) have already incorporated the feminine Pinhead many examples and he was cool as hell.

The various hard organs embody Goran Viznjik (boys), Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why), Drew Starkey (offshore banks), Hiam Abbas (Succession)Adam Faison (Everything will be fine) and Aoife Hinds (Ordinary people).

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Cliff Parker’s comeback

Clive Barker is finally back on the producer bench for this new build. Parker not long ago gained an authorized battle for the rights to his franchise again and could keep the group on December 19. We are expecting exciting additional content material from Pinhead with additional on the way

Unlike Satan, Parker has been constructive regarding the current film, telling THR:

After I saw a number of new designs by David Bruckner Hillrice The movie, they honor what was created for the base movie, but then took it to locations that were by no means older than that,” it’s Hillrice On a scale I didn’t expect. David and his group are immersed in the legends of the story, but what excites me is their need to honor Alfred at the same time as revolutionizing an entirely new era.


Before filming ended the last 12 months, Jimmy Clayton, the star who would later draw Pinhead, shared the video he added of her facial-forming path, and it doesn’t look so relaxed. (A number of inquiring minds tell in the comments that it took about 34 minutes to finish.)

Even more amazing is who she tags in on the current show: Burbank, Russell FX’s California studio.

Josh and Sierra Russell are the rational makeup wizards behind modern horror novels like gems ritual And home at night. In addition, each of those great films is directed by Hillrice Helmer David Bruckner. When you want to check out your lunch, I highly recommend checking out their Instagram feed. It’s naughty AF.

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Finally, how do you feel about the future Hillrice Reboot? Is it time to make this somewhat basic franchise love, or should we leave titles like this alone? Let me know on Twitter by @joshkorngut. I stop all the time to talk about all the issues Hillrice!

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