How To Achieve Early Retirement

Achieve Early Retirement
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Every worker’s dream is to want to retire early and relieve themselves from work. So how to achieve early retirement keeps ringing in the mind of most workers that want to retire early.

Increasingly, employers do not provide regular pensions to their employees, which in the past has allowed them to supplement their guaranteed income and may soon retire.

If you have an allowance for your employer, you are a lucky few, but it may not cover all your expenses if you plan to live longer when you retire.

Therefore, it is essential to have a plan to make your retirement dream come true early, with or without a traditional pension.

The truth remains that if you intend to retire early, you have to plan toward that, which implies more savings. However, there are steps to achieving this early retirement if you have placed your mind on it. 

Steps On How To Achieve Early Retirement 

Avoid Withdrawing From Your Retirement Accounts Early. 

The vast amount saved in your retirement account may be tempting and calling that you may want to withdraw and purchase something.

Try as much as you can to ignore that urge, as this could mean a shortage in your retirement savings fund, and it could also mean that you still have to work longer than you intend to fill up the gap you have created by withdrawing from the retirement account.

Another reason why you should not withdraw from your retirement account because sometimes, the internal revenue service may penalize you by charging you 10% for withdrawals before the demanded retirement age.

So always look out for the prize before pulling any money from your retirement account. This will help you achieve early retirement. 

Contribute To Your Workplace Retirement Plan.

The best way to start up is to contribute to your retirement plan. Donate at least the amount your company is willing to match. It’s free money.

Once you have reached your employer’s equity, increase your contribution by 1% every 6-12 months. Some programs offer options so that this can be done automatically to avoid being left alone.

Check with your HR department to determine if your company matches any donations and whether you can stop the automatic increase in your contribution value. This will, in turn, boost your chances of getting an early retirement.

Pay Off And Avoid Debt.

You may want to ignore this, but you must look into it if you intend to achieve early retirement.

Taking a long-term loan can jeopardize your chances of achieving early retirement. Also, taking a long term loan can likely increase your chances of working for a long time. 

Ask Yourself What Is More Important To You.

Do you prefer living your best life now or when you retire? It is normal to want to live a luxurious life, but it should not be at the expense of the future retirement plan.

This is one crucial factor you should look into. Prioritize what is best for you. Instead of going on trips or vacations every year, you can make it once in two years. 

Consider A Health Care Savings Account For Health Expenses.

The cost of health care is one of the biggest concerns when people think of early retirement, and HSAs are often the most overlooked savings tool.

HSA accounts, provided in conjunction with other highly regarded health care strategies, allow you to donate an amount cause that will up for you during your retirement.

Contributions made to the account continue year after year and continue with you if you change employers.

If you can avoid withdrawing from a life-saving account during your working years, you will not have to worry about health care expenses when you retire.

Set Up Multiple Sources Of Income

This may include investing in income-generating assets such as rental properties or a small business or part-time. Another way to earn money is to cover your living expenses to save more to reach your ultimate goal.

If you intend to retire early, you have to put effort into what you do to enable you to keep more for your early retirement. 

Calculate Your Annual Retirement Spending

Calculating your annual retirement spending is paramount if you want to retire early. Check out how you spend your money each month and consider what will go down, what may go up, and what may be added or eliminated.

Add your final estimates of monthly expenses, multiply by 12 and have a magic number. 

Two things are often overlooked during this period, which could quickly end your early retirement: taxes and health care.

This is to say that you have to plan even better to cover up everything that will likely stop you from retiring early.

Take Advantage Of Employee Benefits. 

If provided, use benefits of employers like the stock plans. You may be privileged to buy company stock at a cheaper rate.

Check with your HR department to see if any options are available. Investing or buying stock may give you more money, and with that, you can plan for your early retirement with ease.

Invest Early And Often 

If, after payment of your fixed expenses, you have an income in your opinion, consider automatically directing a portion of the investment account you will use for savings and retirement.

Again, use the power of integration to your advantage. Investment is a great way to make more funds. It will help you not spend more than you ought to spend.

As your retirement date approaches, you will probably want to switch your small savings to a safer and more befitting place to use them without worrying about losing investment at a loss.

Maybe do that at the cost of a year or two. But some should always be invested, gradually converting to money as you need it, so that your money grows and supports the 4% thumb saving.


Retiring early is not a bad idea. It is every worker’s dream. The problem is knowing how to achieve early retirement. 

Hopefully, you will know some steps to achieve early retirement if you carefully read through this article. 

If you have any questions to ask, please do so below in the comment section.

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