How to Watch the ‘Child’s Play’ Chucky Movies in Order

the baby play Chucky movies might bring to mind one of two things: hearty laughs or an intense fear of little dolls with bright red hair. No matter what the movies bring out in you, the campfire series is the perfect solution to that horror movie itch that might need to be scratched.

The films mainly center around Charles Lee Ray – better known as Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) – a serial killer who managed to transfer his soul to the Good Guy doll. The doll wreaks havoc and terrorizes those around it, usually in an attempt to possess a human form. Originally produced in 1988, the series has spawned numerous reruns, reruns, and even a 2021 TV series over the decades. While each movie follows Chucky’s violent behavior, the franchise has changed and adapted over the years. Movies range from true horror to satirical black comedy and oftentimes a mixture of the two. To help navigate the series, here’s our guide on how to watch the Chucky movies in order. Sit down, settle down, and make sure any childhood dolls are locked away.

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Child’s Play (1988)

And that started it all! the original baby play He introduces us to serial killer Charles Lee Ray and takes him to the famous Good Guy doll. After gifting a baby named Andy, Chucky terrorizes the baby’s family and anyone who gets in his way. Filled with jump scares and clever dialogue, this is the essential introduction to the characters and the world of Chucky.



Baby Play 2 (1990)

It starts two years after the end of the first movie, baby play 2 It takes us straight back to Chucky’s evil actions. When a toy company tries to recreate the Good Guy doll, they inadvertently bring back the murderous spirit of Chucky. Chucky returns to terrorize his child’s former owner, Andy, who seems to be unable to get some rest.



Baby Play 3 (1991)

The world of Chucky never seems to learn a lesson: Happening eight years after the sequel, Play Pals remakes the Good Guy dolls, resurrecting Chucky’s evil spirit. repeatedly. Chucky returns to avenge teenage Andy, now played by the actor Justin Wallen. after 3 . children’s toysCreator series Don Mancini He waited seven years before releasing his next addition to the franchise, which took the series in a whole new direction.



Chucky’s Bride (1998)

If you’re talking more about Chucky’s comedic moments, here’s where the series takes a turn. Although released seven years later, chucky bride The events of the film take place a year after the end of the third film. In this movie, we break away from the ongoing plot of the first three movies and get to know a new killer doll. When ex-girlfriend Chucky Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) The soul is transferred to a doll, the two working together to return to human forms. chucky bride The franchise begins diving into black comedy and satire. Come up with typical Chucky fears and go on to represent and act as Tilley’s iconic voice.



Chucky Seeds (2004)

Keep up your sense of humor chucky brideAnd chucky seeds It follows Glen, son of Tiffany and Chucky. When Glenn resurrects his parents from the dead, both are horrified at each other – Glenn is angry because his parents are murderers, while Chucky doesn’t like that his child doesn’t want to kill. Mancini’s directorial debut introduces the camp that has emerged through the fourth addition to the franchise and gives us a cute, cuddly doll to root for (at least, a bit).



Curse of Chucky (2013)

Released after nearly 10 years chucky seeds, this next movie deviates from the previous family saga and goes back to the franchise’s leaning roots. Chucky returns to terrorize the family of hero Nika Pierce. The film simulates the direct horror content of the original baby playHe even returned Chucky to his original appearance. Filled with violence and blood, get ready for more screams and fewer laughs with this movie.



Cult of Chucky (2017)

chucky cult It sees a return to the original protagonist, Andy, with the inclusion of new and returning favorite characters from the series. Set in a shelter, this movie definitely includes a lot of gore and blood. The Pro Tour: Don’t watch this ride with the lights off.



Child’s Play (2019)

Chucky’s latest movie in the franchise, baby play It is a current reimagining of the first movie. Like the original, the movie still follows the titular character Chucky as he terrorizes Andy and his family. However, the new version includes a different type of doll for the character and actors Mark Hamill To express Chucky. This is also the only film in the series in which Mancini was not involved. Aubrey Plaza Driving this new imagination of the franchise for decades.


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