Acclaimed Japanese Sci-Fi Comedy BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES Debuts on VOD January 25

Junta Yamaguchi’s time-contrast comedy Beyond Endless Minutes takes a trip to VODAfter the praise of critics on the international festival circuitAvailable on Digital HD and Cable VOD January 25thAcross North America from Indiecan Entertainment After a very successful run on the World Film Festival circuit, Indiecan Entertainment has an award Food premiere in North America … Read more

10 Funniest Movie & TV Scenes That Parody The Shining

In film and television, oftentimes some of the funniest moments can be found through references to films and other TV shows. When it comes to parodies, many people look forward to films that are popular and world famous, and this is without a doubt Gloss It is perhaps one of the most commonly cited characteristics. … Read more

How to Watch Every ‘Scream’ Movie In Order

I will make a bold statement here: With all due respect to Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, And any other worthy competitor, the Scream Movies are the greatest and most consistent horror movies. This might be a funny thing to think about, given the whole premise of Scream Movies are the meta-relationship … Read more

Communist-Affiliated Awards Ceremony Deemed Inequitable

Olga Photoshopova Last weekend, Senator Richard Blumenthal appeared at an awards ceremony for a member of the American Communist Party. The Washington Free Beacon reported: Blumenthal, one of the richest senators, presented special certificates of appreciation from the Senate to three winners of the “Amistad Prize”, awarded annually by the Connecticut World People’s Committee, of … Read more

Don’t Look Up: Adam McKay’s condescending doomsday satire doesn’t hold a candle to Dr Strangelove

hWhere has there been a more polarizing Hollywood movie this decade than do not search? Adam McKay’s satire star-studded climate crisis follows two frustrated astronomers – Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence – as they try to get people to care about a deadly comet for a planet on a collision course with Earth. It is … Read more