plot – Assassin School for Girls

:: Sigh: This story went to dark places I wasn’t originally
But toned down the story stops being true…so..yes you’ll probably just drop it and not develop the story further than the outline of this plot.

Well, here we are. lmk your ideas.

killer school for girls

Dad sells Amy (11 years old) to the Madam of Assassin School for $30,000 – a farm that trains young girls to kill.
Amy gets roommate Bambi, an emotional wreck and a victim of long-term abuse.

Six three-bedroom girls go to school and all of them are given a cat to kill.
“This terror and hesitation you feel is an innocence leaving your soul. You are no longer children. You are murderers.”
Amy stares into the teacher’s eye and breaks the cat’s neck and throws it to the ground. “Can I go now?”
Bambi is terrified and stares closely at her kitten. meow.

Acting lessons
Bambi lay on the sofa like a therapist’s desk
The teacher walks Bambi through the emotional turmoil she just suffered in killing the cat. “Good good. Now ask for help! Cry for her!”
“Help me! Please help me!!!” run over man Are you okay little girl? You pull out a fake pistol and pull the trigger to his head. bang out of the air.
Excellent Excellent. He never expected it!

That night, Bambi confronted Amy about how much she was a monster for killing her kitten without hesitation
Amy says she didn’t even look at her kitten before making it easier. They understand each other.

They make tube bombs. All students are very nervous and move slowly. Bambi excels at that bc she doesn’t care if she blows herself up.

extra space square
They pass through a squeeze box – two 8-inch boards of wood spaced just 5 inches apart. You can only move forward when all the air has been expelled from the lungs.
Amy stumbles halfway. She freaks out for a moment. The coach shouts “Prove your worth! Why train a little girl instead of a 300lb athlete? Reach your goal! Hit your goal!” “I can not!” They raised the push-up box to 6 inches and Amy regained her composure and finished crawling across the 8-inch planks.

Outdoor pool of ice water
To strengthen the girls in pain and make them more powerful, they must soak in a puddle of ice water
Amy gets in and suffers badly. She groans in pain but remains in the water.
Bambi touches her foot “Fuck that. No!!! Damn that
“You come to me, you weak little children,” says the coach. “When you leave here you may hate me, but you will become ruthless killers,” she hints.
A huge man comes and forces Bambi into the ice water. Bambi is constantly screaming in pain

Amy and Bambi discuss the upcoming graduation.
Amy says one of the students will die. Bambi can’t believe it.
“Part of their tradition, my dad says they do it every year”
Amy pulls out some sticky test strips, and they’ll change color if she’s exposed to poison, she says.
Bambi is forced to keep one in the tape in her hair.

“You cannot be trusted in this field until you accept that you are going to die. And that your friends are going to die.”
“You will not be one of us unless you are willing to die when we tell you that today is the day you will die.”
“And today is the last and last lesson. Today you will stare death in the face. One of these cups is poisoned. Choose.”
Table with 6 cups. They all sit in front of the cup. Bambi uses the test strip discreetly. She has the poisoned chalice!!
She grabs another girl’s cup “what the fuck!!” The girl faces Bambi. But Bambi doesn’t back down “Sit down or I’ll bite your nose in your face”
The teacher sings, “Pour this cup and you’ll both pay,” the other girl replies, “Whatever. It’s all random anyway.” And take the poisoned chalice.
They all drink. The girl dies.

Office. headquarters. center
Amy is pulled into the office. Bambi must have told them how Amy had told them the poison.
They wouldn’t punish Amy for outdoing the system but they did kill her father for breach of contract.
Amy pretends that’s fine, her idiot dad sold her for money. She has her own room now, Bambi is not there. Amy cries herself to sleep.

graduation party
The national leader of the Assassins Guild comes to watch the girls graduate and shake hands with all of them.
Flashback to Amy and her dad eating and talking about how evil the killer gang is.
“You’re the only one who can get close to Amy. You have to cut off the head of the snake.”
Amy is seen using tweezers to pull the poison strip out of her hand.
Amy pulls Bambi away. The death of the national leader poisoned. They hear chaos.
Amy explains, the syndicate is evil, they killed her father. She doesn’t blame Bambi and Amy doesn’t want her father to die for nothing, she tries to get Bambi with her off the farm.
Bambi resists her and hits Amy. He turns away and goes back to the farm
Amy leaves and walks in the woods.
“Fuck that”
Amy turns around and comes back
Kill the person in front of the armory. He takes an assault rifle, and throws a grenade to blow up the rest of the armory.
He roams the farm and kills all the teachers and staff with an assault rifle (I wasn’t expecting this to basically turn into a school shooting)

Kill the last two guards.
Throw down the assault rifle and enter the classroom where the kids are gathered.
Ask them ‘These people are recruiting little girls to turn you into monsters. Because no one else wants to kill cats or children, they want killers who will do anything. You’re better than that’
One of the girls agrees and tries to leave. Bambi strangles her to death. Amy tries to help her, but two girls stop her.

Big Kung Fu fight scene between Emi vs. 3 girls
The last fight scene of Emmy vs. Bambi

I would love to end up with a kung fu fight scene with a group of kids. This would be awesome.
But honestly this story is kinda and very dark as well. This isn’t cool. I like Lily Fire so much more.

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