Retirement Savings: How Long Will My Money Last?

Retirement Savings
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Individuals planning retirement sometimes have no idea how long their retirement savings will last.

Unfortunately, many things can affect how long your retirement savings will last, ranging from inflation to unforeseen expenses. This article will help you answer the question, “how long will my money last?”. 

Finding out how long your retirement savings will last is no big deal. However, some variables automatically affect the longevity of your retirement savings.

This is why you should save for unforeseen expenses and plan well, considering factors like inflation, medical care, and others when saving.  

Let’s look out for things that can make your retirement money last for a short period instead of the other way round.

Things That Can Make Your Retirement Money Last For Only A Short Period 

1. You Don’t Have a Long-Term Care Plan.

As you grow older, there is every possibility of receiving long-term care from health practitioners. This is to make sure that you are fit healthwise.

This care plan is quite expensive in that, if not well planned, can make you run out of retirement money. This is a fact that you cannot afford to ignore when planning.  

What To Do

If you want your retirement money to last longer, you have to provide means or strategies to save up for your long-term health care expenses.

You have to plan toward your long-term health care expenses. You can secure it by getting an insurance policy.

This insurance will cover you if you have a long-term health care service. If you want your retirement money to last longer, then you have to put this factor to check. 

If you get care from a nursing home, you will have to spend a lot of money. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the average annual cost of assisted living care was $48,612 in 2019.

The yearly cost of a private home in a nursing home is more than $102,000.

The wealthiest people are also at risk if they have too many long-term health care costs because it does not change the fact that they still have to spend money trying to be fine as long as they live, which will likely cut short their retirement money.

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2. You Underestimated Your Life Expectancy

How many years’ expenses did you save up for? Your retirement money will not longer if you do not underestimate your life expectancy.

What To Do

Plan for extra years because you never know how long you will live. This implies that you have to save enough money to enable your retirement money last longer and still cover your expenses.

3. You Did Not Consider Inflation.

As a worker, you will likely not feel the impact of inflation as you are still receiving your wages and still saving a little.

Therefore, you might ignore the possibility of inflation affecting how long your retirement money lasts. But of course, it should not be out of the book.

On average, in the USA, the prices of goods and services rise by 3% per year. This means that over 20 years, your $100,000 of retirement savings will likely be worth in terms of buying power 60% less.

What To Do

You have to save more than you plan to if you do not consider inflation to ensure that your retirement money lasts for as long as possible.

Besides saving more to prepare for inflation, consider delaying Social Security benefits. You can increase your Social Security benefits by waiting to claim them until you are 70 years old.

Then, your monthly check will be extensive, but the Social Security Administration’s living expenses adjustment, which helps benefits go hand in hand with inflation, will be used for that. 

4. You Changed Your Habit Of Spending.

If you spend more than you already do, your retirement savings may not last. The penny you spend while still working and earning might seem much when you retire and depend solely on your retirement money.

For instance, many retirees spend a lot of money on retirement to keep them happy. Although buying though, buying, and eating at restaurants become their way of staying in a relationship, this way of life will most likely exhaust your savings.

What To Do

Find accessible and affordable ways to stay active and connect with others when you retire.

This is a great reason to join book clubs and volunteer in the community. They do not charge anything, yet they provide good communication.

In addition, there are many other free ways to stay active after retirement. For example, you can take a trip or hike, research your family history or take advantage of free community events.

5. You Did Not Consider Fees.

While planning for your retirement, you may likely not consider fees. And this will likely affect your retirement savings. However, some of these fees could be necessary, and when you attend to them, it could lead to low retirement cash.

What To Do

Check to see that you are an average investor to avoid being charged high fees.

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Ways To Make Your Savings Last Longer

It is hard to draft out ways how to make your retirement money last longer, but at the same time, you will have to complete your part as an individual working towards retirement.

You need to adjust your spending strategies to ensure that you have enough after retirement and save well. 

The 4th Rule 

There are numerous ways to determine how much you want to save up to achieve your retirement income and ensure it lasts long enough for you.

It is based on your lifestyle. This rule is known as the 4% rule. It is a formula used to divide your annual income into 4%.

This way, you can achieve the desired retirement amount that will suit your lifestyle. You should note that what you expect as you live your life affects or plays a role in determining how your 4% rule will turn out to be. 

The 4% rule assumes that you will be living on the retirement payment 30 years after you retire from your job. You must know that the 4% rule will work accordingly if you stick to the plan of the 4% rule yearly.

Skipping a year to make other expenses can have consequences. This rule can help you achieve a lasting retirement fund.


How long your retirement money will last depend on the individual involved.

This article will help you plan toward attaining long-lasting retirement funds or money. 

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