Skylab Movie Review: Nithya Menen and Satyadev’s Rural Comedy on SonyLIV Isn’t As Funny as Its Quirky Setting Promises To Be! (LatestLY Exclusive)

Skylab movie review: In 1979, Skylab, the first US space station launched by NASA, disintegrated in the atmosphere, arrogance thrust toward Earth, with many reportedly hitting various places including India. Since this was such a unique and unheard of event, the event was viewed with a mixture of excitement and fear. telugu movie SkylabWritten and directed by Vishvak Khanderao, it revisits this incident on the scale of a village in Telangana called Banda Lingampally whose residents fear the wreckage may strike them. Nithya Menen’s Birthday Show: From Mersal to OK Kanmani, A Look at Her Best Movies.

There are three main characters who take advantage of the situation to improve their personalities. One of them is Gauri (Nythya Minin, also producer), the ceremonial, lofty-headed daughter of a local zamindar and aspiring journalist, who wants to use “deep influence” on the villagers as a story to impress her former employers. Then there is Anand (Satyadev), a smooth-talking wannabe doctor who comes to stay with his grandfather (Tanikella Bharani) and wants to start his clinic in a building that the villagers consider cursed.

He finds a naive partner in Subidar Ramarao (Rahul Ramakrishna), a young man left by his absent father in enough debt. When their opening of the clinic is accused of being responsible for the Skylab disaster, Anand decides to deceive the villagers by playing with their fears and making money in the process, only things don’t really go well.

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Skylab It has an interesting plot plot which is further developed by the fact that it is inspired by a real-life event. It begins with the mantra that it is based on the wonderful stories our parents refused to tell us. The problem is Skylab It takes a good time to get to that same great story. You spend about an hour creating the setting of the village and the predicaments of the three main characters. credit when due, Skylab It does the setup really well, the production design team does a really good job of it. The actors are also good – Minin, Satyadev and Rahul Ramakrishna easily slip into their roles.

It’s just that creating their characters and how they play the plot later takes a lot of time while we wait for the village to realize its supposed impending fate. And when that happens, it also happens when the movie drops its title around the break point. Whistleblower review: Ritwik Bhowmik and gorgeous Sachin Khedekar star keeps you hooked on SonyLIV original series.

Unfortunately, things get a little better after this point. The way the three heroes use the Skylab incident to their advantage is causing some interest, but not enough to fully invest, taking them for an expected change of hearts later. The humor is also sparsely effective – I get annoyed at the scene where two men are heeding nature’s call at dawn, one of whom continues to talk about the coming doom in an alarming tone, before making his insurance sales call. It is a pity that Skylab Didn’t have more of these scenes before wrapping up the story in a satisfying way as everyone in the village clears up their differences including allowing Dalits to enter the temples.

Maybe there is a message there, maybe we need Armageddon to solve our problems in the country, but then we saw do not search A couple of weeks ago, this completely negated that thought. Yes, this is the world I live in. By comparison, Banda Lingampally in it Skylab It looks like a mythical place from a fairy tale.


– the acting

Production Design

right Now!

Writing and humor are not effective

last thoughts

Despite the unusual story rich in humorous possibilities, Skylab Not an effective spelling as it should be. The setting is charming and the premise is eccentric, but the movie is let down by its hawkish pace and lack of humor. Skylab Streaming on SonyLIV.

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