The 9 Scariest Movie Characters That Aren’t Villains, According To Reddit

Every now and then, a movie character comes along who instills fear in the masses… but they are actually not evil. They may be a red herring, being made to look like an antagonist to surprise audiences later, or they can simply be terrifying in nature.

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Reddit users have some of the most interesting opinions and best examples of scary characters who aren’t evil. Whether it’s a grizzly shark hunter, an innocent man mistaken for a serial killer, or a taxi driver turned ranger, these characters leave audiences on edge.

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Dalton Russell inside a man

inside man It follows a group of bank robbers who carry out the most foolproof bank heists ever, and is led by Dalton Russell (Cliff Owen). On the face of it, Dalton looks like he’s willing to do anything to get his hands on what’s in the basement, including murder, but it turns out he’s not a villain in his hand after all.

Trentrib puts it best by explaining, “Although he eventually turns out to be a humanitarian criminal, and even a decent guy in the end, his performance is incredibly scary.” And although it was proven that he never actually killed anyone, with Dalton actually using a gun and sarcasm to make it look like he had shot a hostage, it felt very real.

Captain Quint in the jaw

Brody, Quint and Huber in Jaws

in a jawsQuint has clearly seen some dark things in his life as the grizzly character seems to be constantly confused, which is what made TheHamBurglar71 fear him. The Reddit user explains that they “don’t want to cross the guy who kills sharks for a living.”

In one of the most amazing cinematic monologues, Quint delves into detail about why he hates sharks so much, as he and 1,200 of his mates are stranded in shark-infested waters during World War II. The four-minute monologue is terrifying, but at the end of the day, he’s there to serve Brody and help save Amity Island from the shark.

Rick Marshall in Zodiac

Graysmith investigates Marshall's vault in the Zodiac

The basement scene is the scariest moment in HoroscopeIt is a thriller full of terrifying scenes. The 2007 film follows a cartoonist’s attempt to unravel the identity of a real-life tower killer, who has never been caught. He leads the cartoonist to Rick Marshall, who is supposed to be the killer.

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HuntedWolf notes that they “were very nervous, which is very scary and vicious, although it seems to be fine.” It became even more tense when Marshall drove the cartoonist into the basement of his home, despite the few properties in San Francisco that have basements. However, it turns out that Marshall wasn’t the killer of the zodiac, and he wasn’t even a serious suspect.

Edward in Edward Scissorhands

Edward may have sharp knives where fingers need to be, and he may be dressed in all black, but he’s one of the cutest movie characters ever. However, it’s easy to see why fans find a file Edward Scissorhands A scary character, he seems to have been stalking one particular Redditor for a long time.

The Redditor notes that they were “afraid of this guy all my childhood. He looked pretty scary to me. Also, he killed a guy, so…” What the Reddit user is referring to is when the titular character Jim killed the bully, also cruelly, stabbing him in the chest before throwing it out the window.

Gary Kingsbury in Game of the Night

night game It is one of the most underrated comedies of the past 10 years, following a group of couples who play board games every week and mingle in a realistic murder mystery. Their police officer neighbor, Gary Kingsbury, throws a wrench into their business.

Lack of patience cites the character as one of the most terrifying villains, explaining that “that room he had for his ex-wife is just too scary.” However, at the end of the movie, he saves the situation and even takes a bullet for people who are afraid to talk to him. It’s as if actor Jesse Plemons plays parody for his other TV and movie roles, always softly playing menacing and judgmental characters. This is one of Plemons’ best roles.

Lyon in Lyon: The Professional

Leon walking the streets of New York with yellow taxis driving next to him

It’s hard not to call the character of a hitman a villain, as they are literally paid to kill people, whether those people are innocent or not. There is no excuse for his profession but professional leon Very cool and Léon is a kind and sympathetic killer, so it’s easy for viewers’ moral compasses to slip a bit. For Stansfield, Léon is actually the protagonist of the movie.

However, that didn’t stop Redditor Street-Ear236 from feeling terrified of the character, as they believed Leon “was even scarier than Stansfield.” But the fact that Stansfield shouts “Everyone!” It became a viral meme that probably reduced how intimidating it was.

Travis Bickle in the taxi driver

Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver

Lots of great movies are about rangers, and basically every superhero is a ranger, whether it’s Spider-Man or Batman. But in reality, being a guard is not safe and can actually be very violent. Travis Bickle N taxi driver It’s the most accurate representation of it, so much so that it terrified one particular Redditor.

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Reddit user claims Bickle’s “cravings for self-violence” are intimidating because of how realistic they feel.

The Jew Bear in Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds Donnie Beer Jew

Inglourious Basterds Full of terrifying characters, Hans Landa is more terrifying than most horror villains. But of all the heroes in Quentin Tarantino’s movie, the jewish bear is the most frightening. One Redditor cites Aldo Wren’s right-hand man as the film’s scariest character rather than a villain.

In fairness, no one wants to be around him when he’s swinging their racquet, because it’s just too violent to make perfect human kombat Playable character. Although the Redditor thought Bear Jew was too scary, they still argued that he “stole screen time.”

John Wick

John Wick Keanu Reeves

in a John WickThe action scenes are often described as fun and exciting, but few stop to think how brutal the murders were and how horrifying the deadly character was. Mr. Grovey notes that Wake is scary, even though he is played by “Internet Friend” Keanu Reeves.

The Redditor simply states, “Come on, the guy killed three guys in a bar with a pencil.” Not only that, but Wake killed people with books, horses and many other things that people didn’t know could be used as lethal weapons. But that’s what happens when someone comes between a man and his dog.

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