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Ricky Church previews The Expanse series finale…

The end has come Extension With ‘Babylon’s Ashes’ in the series finale tense and full of excitement and impulse, which still manages not to overlook the journeys of the characters. It all came together for a satisfying result while leaving the door open for more opportunities down the road.

With the final season reduced from the usual ten episodes to six, instant comparisons can be made to it game of Thrones And its infamous final season, not to mention the series finale. Unlike that series, Extension It provided a satisfying conclusion to its characters and almost all the threads of the story. The focus remained solely on the characters as they prepared for the final showdown with Marco Inarus and the Free Navy. The backlog was handled well as their battle plan was conveyed quickly and easily so that viewers could understand both what the attack was and how the alliance between Earth, Mars, and Drummer was on par with the Free Navy. The characters remained in the spotlight as they explained their roles in the attack. The connection and love that Holden, Naomi, Amos, Bobby, and Clarissa shared was in an entire show where they remember their past and how far they have come, even mentioning the deceased Alex in the process. Stephen Strait, Dominic Tepper, Wes Chatham, Frankie Adams, and Nadine Nicole were excellent in these scenes, especially The Last Supper as a family.

When it comes to work, Extension He never held back as “Babylon’s Ashes” pulled all the stops to the grand finale with exciting and tense ship-to-ship battles and a manned attack on the Ring Station. For a season full of ship battles, the final battle between all the combined forces was the best, perhaps topped by Roscinante’s battle with Bella earlier this season. It once again showed how dangerous an opponent Marco Einarus was in space as he forced the Alliance to split their groups and deceived them with his true location (and for all his rants and wits, it’s like choosing the weaker Drummer force than the Belters. to attack). It was painful to watch Drummer’s group collapse due to Marco’s surprise, but luckily she survived and her ally Walker used his last moments to inflict significant damage on Bella and inflict some injuries, including Lieutenant Marco Rosenfeld. The visual effects throughout the sequence were great, including the hands-on effects where the ship’s groups exploded and shook or even the way Walker’s eyes slowly gleamed.

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Of course, these visuals topped the wonderful and tense sequence of Bobbie, Amos and their attack team falling on the Ring Station to destroy the railguns. The long shot of Amos falling amid tons of falls as his allies and chests explode into bits was horrific fuel, and Chatham did a wonderful job of conveying Amos’ pure terror against what would have been a green screen. Pinned by a penalty shoot-out and left with very little hope, Bobbie, Amos and their team are well-crafted, edited and once again filled with stunning scenes (and the Easter Egg was so much fun to include the names of many sci-fi heroes like K. Thrace, R. Deckard, and E. Ripley in the assault team). I stuck with the characters of Amos and Bobby alike, as they would rather die being “shot in the chest than in the back,” as Amos put it, by driving one last, desperate charge against the railroad pistol. Until Rossi’s last minute save, it looked as if Bobby or Amos might bite her. In the end, the decision to sacrifice their original plan to use railroad pistols against Marco only added to the tension by increasing the stakes.

After all that Holden did worrying about entities within the Ring Gates, their sweet solution to Marco’s upcoming Free Marine Force tied them up, but the previous scene where they were all prepared for their inevitable death was fine again and showed the chemistry of the cast. It’s very fitting that Marco’s death is a monument to his arrogance in believing he can control the Rings, but it’s Naomi who came up with the plan and struck the fatal blow to activate the entities. Tepper’s silent cry as she likely killed Philip was tragic and well executed (no pun intended).


The remainder of the end dealt with cleanup as Earth, Mars, and the belt attempted to form new ground in the aftermath of the war. Kara Ji was as fierce as Drummer fighting word for word against Avasarala and repeating the mistakes of the past, something Holden also hoped to achieve. For a man who accidentally found himself at the center of many galactic events, it was all the more hilarious to have Holden nominated to direct the new Ring Gates carriage union, but it was all the more hilarious when he gave an impassioned speech and promptly quit and gave the job to Drummer in order to create ground More equality for the Belters and hopefully to create a longer lasting peace. Strait and Shohreh Aghdashloo were great in the final scene where Strait expressed Holden’s moral view and Avasarala reluctantly agreed while silently asserting that he was right to make the sudden move. Naomi’s closing talk about how they can only hope to get to one person and change their mind was a nice ending point for the humanity theme of the season that paid off with Philip’s slight redemption by abandoning his father before Marco’s death and taking his mother’s name.

The only thing left without much closure is the initial molecule threat in Laconia where Admiral Duarte witnesses the rebuilding of the space shipyard and Kara’s younger brother returns to life in a zombie-like state. While Extension It ends up with a satisfactory conclusion for Rocinante, it’s a little strange that nothing else was done with this story but it’s also clear Extension The team left it too open for some sort of continuity in order to complete their adaptation of the Book Nine saga.

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or not Extension It will return in some form in the future, but if the “Ashes of Babylon” doesn’t leave a very satisfactory outcome for the characters and order, one built on hope for a better future for Earth, Mars, and Belt and trust in others. The cast of Strait, Tipper, Aghdashloo, Chatham, Adams, Nicole, Gee, Keon Alexander, and Jasai Chase Owens were great with their chemistry and how they defined their characters. Extension She will be remembered for many things, including her vulnerable status as she moved from SyFy to Amazon, but one aspect she will remember most will be her focus on the character-driven narrative.

Rating: 9/10

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