What Is Etherscan, And How Do You Use It?

What Is Etherscan
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Etherscan app is the most reliable navigation tool for all public data in the Ethereum blockchain and is sometimes referred to as Ethplorer.

This article will explain what is Etherscan and how to use it. Etherscan includes transaction data, wallet addresses, smart contracts, and much more.

The application is independent and is not funded or controlled by the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization.

The team following Etherscan includes experienced engineers and industry experts who have developed the Etherscan application to make Ethereum blockchain more accessible to everyday users.

Although Etherscan is a central platform, the app makes it easy for people to search through the Ethereum blockchain.

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Is Etherscan A Wallet?

The answer to this question is complete no. It is no wallet service provider, nor is it an Ethereum wallet. When you search the Etherium blockchain on Etherscan, you do not get any Etherscan wallet.

The Etherscan functions on its own. The app keeps track of all the transactions in the Ethereum network. After keeping track of this transaction, it displays it as a search engine.

This enables its users to check the details of all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Users gain peace of mind knowing that they have a view of all the transactions in the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition, the app can track activities on the Ethereum wallet. To access or be able to view this, you will have to link the Etherscan app to an already existing crypto wallet.

Etherscan is a completely free app, and you do not have to pay for services rendered. 

What Is Etherscan Used For ?

What Is Etherscan Used For ?
  • Etherscan gives people the access to view assets on public Ethereum wallet addresses. 
  • Calculate Ethereum gas bills with the Etherscan gas tracker
  • Check and verify smart contracts
  • View crypto assets owned or associated with the address of a public fund
  • Check out live transactions taking place on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Check out one of the purchases made in any Ethereum wallet
  • Find out which smart contracts have a certified source code and security testing
  • keeps a record of how many smart contracts a user has approved for their wallet
  • Review and revoke wallet access for any suspended applications (DApps)

Etherscan users can assess or view any transaction of the Ethereum blockchain on the Etherscan app. Both failed, successful and pending transactions can be considered on the Etherscan app.

It also keeps a record of an incoming transfer, so you do not have any reason to be scared of any loss. An excellent way to monitor a transaction is to use the Etherscan hash key.

The hash key gives users an estimated time on how long a transaction will take to be confirmed, and immediately after the transaction is approved, the page refreshes automatically in case of a new transaction. 

Etherscan works as an analytic plattform. Users use the platform to monitor their transactions in case of suspicious activities.

Everyone is licenced to use Etherscan as long as you have an account. The only public information for every user to see is the one posted on the Etherscan app. Every user sees whatever is displayed on this app.

You should also know that the Etherscan wallet is not used to resolve any transaction failure, and there s no private information governing this app. it is just open for everyone to see. 

How Does Etherscan Work 

If you want to view the activities in the Ethescan wallet, all you need to do is enter a public address at the top of the Etherscan homepage.

If you have successfully done that, you can now check for all transactions that have been made. 

How To Use Etherscan To Check The Wallet Balance And History

To find out how much the balance in a user’s wallet has changed over time, check the wallet address on Etherscan and select “analytics.”

Users can view user wallet data analysis, such as user ETH balance, transfer history, transactions, and payments.

Why Should I Use Etherscan?

Etherscan is the most famous and trusted block explorer for Ethereum, and people tend to go for what is trusted and has lots of users.

However, it is essential to understand why you should use a block explorer like Etherscan to check on-chain information.

Having more information on how to interact with blockchain can help you better understand what is happening with DApps and functions.

Furthermore, this information can keep you safe and help you detect suspicious blockchain activity.

For example, whale warnings alert you when a large amount of cryptocurrency is traded though it may also be a good sign.

The information may suggest higher sales. You can also see what the project developers do with their project tokens. This can help you identify potential scams or drag racks where engineers abandon their projects and sell their coins.

Deleting token access to the user’s wallet can be achieved using the Etherscan Token Authorization Checker.

\When individuals or users of the app interact with DApps to purchase or exchange tokens, they directly touch the user’s wallet with their permission. Therefore, DApps are an attractive target for fraudsters who want to access Ethereum wallet address users.

Once you see suspicious activity or believe that DApp is compromised, they can use Etherscan to withdraw its access to a specific wallet address. User assets within the wallet will not be lost, but users will need to re-authorize the tokens when accessing DApp.

To use Etherscan to update a user-authorized token list, see the user’s wallet address at the Etherscan Token Approval Checker. Doing so will provide users with a list of all the intelligent contract interactions with that wallet.

Users can connect their wallet to Etherscan and click “undo” to ensure that a specific DApp can no longer access the user wallet.

Etherscan is the best leading tool for checking reliable Ethereum blockchain data. Etherscan can update its smart contract code, track gas prices and monitor the Ethereum blockchain in real-time.

Etherscan is entirely free and does not require users to register to access all its features. Therefore, it is an excellent place to start for users who would like to read the complete list of blockchain activities and their Ethereum wallets and what information they can get from the blockchain explorer.


Etherscan is of advantage to users because of its level of transparency which is why we decided to enlighten some users on what Etherscan is and how to use them. 

Before this post, some users do not know what Etherscan mean and how they function. Hopefully, this article has provided an answer to what is Etherscan and how to use it. 

If you have any questions concerning this post, please do well to drop them below. 

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